Wireless Building Asset Management (WBAMnet)



The Wireless Building Asset Management System (WBAMnet), is the simplest and most advanced way of managing a building's physical environment. Smart wireless Zigbee sensors, actuator drivers together with the wireless Zigbee coordinator, automate, analyse, control, and report building environmental data to drive energy control efficiency. This is accomplished without compromising the occupants comfort levels.

Smart Sensors

Smart plug and play sensors can be installed on a 1:1 basis per lighting fixture, creating the foundation of a self healing mesh network. They automatically switch wireless controlled electromechanical/pneumatic/hydraulic actuators by responding to light, motion, heat, and other environmental factors that occur within an area near each sensor. Their data is collected and transmitted wireless for use to the WBAMnet.

Superior Simplicity

Smart plug and play wireless sensors and Smart plug and play wireless actuators are simple to install. Those smart sensors together with the actuators install into new or existing fixtures with little disruption to occupants, making it fast and easy to accommodate for space re-configurations.


Starting at each single wireless fixture the WBAMnet system is scalable from a single building to state wide control of multiple buildings controlling thousands of devices across a distributed enterprise. Grid Operators have the ability to target specific groups of high wattage electrical devices operating inside a group of commercial and industrial complexes and target them when electrical generation is forecast to go below expected demand and have the WBAMnet drill down to specific groups of high wattage electrical devices for load shedding for a predicted time and specific duration. Furthermore working in with the Utility, the WBAMnet can take advantage of automated real-time pricing (the cost of electricity) by selectively dimming the lighting and increasing the tempurature setting of the HVAC or deferring the use of certain high wattage electrical devices like hot-water systems during the electricity industry's peak periods.