Worlds First

Modulite Solutions after 4 years of self funded and hard work has completed the concept and design of the worlds first large scale Wireless Building Information and Asset Management (WBAMnet). This system is the simplest and most advanced way of managing large numbers of commercial buildings, shopping complexes and industrial complexes. Modulite Solutions carries out R&D on energy saving smart IoT devices for 2-way wireless control and data transmission. We build the software and hardware prototypes for proof of concept projects and offer the Intelectual Property for sale to an investor to take over the ownership of the WBAMnet project

The overall grid computing market comprises several specific markets. These are the grid middleware market, the market for grid-enabled applications, the utility computing market, and the software-as-a-service (SaaS) market.

Please contact Harry Degenaar, the founder, developer and owner of Modulite Solutions and the