Welcome to Modulite Solutions and the WBAMnet

Modulite Solutions is a pure R&D Company involved in the design of smart energy saving embedded micro controllers and smart software for large scale energy efficiency projects. Furthermore, our technology built from the ground up (WBAMnet) helps improve the efficiency and efficacy of the Electric Grid. By providing real-time control; customers, utilities and grid managers can better plan, manage and operate the Electric Grid to potentially reduce the risk imposed by Wind, Solar and Hydro electricity generation during extreme (short and long term) weather conditions and peak energy demand.

Grid Computing

Grid Computing in general is a special type of parallel computing that relies on complete computers (with onboard CPUs, storage, power supplies, network interfaces, etc.) connected to a network (private, public or the internet) by a conventional network interface producing commodity hardware. This arrangement is well-suited for the high-end scalability of geographically dispersed grid applications in which multiple parallel computations can take place independently without the need to communicate intermediate results between processors. In our case, this technology has been applied to computationally intensive back office data processing in support of web services. At the core of the WBAMnet decision making is a super fast non legacy SCADA, (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) System. Sensors and other connected equipment provide streams of data back to decentralised control rooms where the information is analyzed and decisions are automatically made and executed, optimizing energy efficiency, and when required controlled load shedding. The SCADA system is able to make these automated decisions in real-time by running algorithms based on the data it receives and orchestrate adjustments to optimize and self-heal any disruption issues.

Demand Load Control for the Smart Grid

The ground to address challenges in demand load control for the smart power grid is now more fertile than ever, due to advances in communication infrastructures and the creation of a two-way channel for real-time communication between consumers and the utility operator. The idea is to balance out supply shortages with demand reductions, in which the system's control units recieve; power output, droop and frequency settings that are dynamic configurable with a default value by regulation and reconfigurable in a range of 2~12% through fast on-line communication. Frequency and voltage stability issues, anticipated potential outages due to severe weather, and spinning reserve, together with demand information. Based on this information, the WBAMnet automatically shed loads in accordance with data available from each BIM module. In other words, the system sheds only the exact load needed to maintain network stability at a given moment. One of the great strengths of the WBAMnet System is that it gives Grid Operators demand control with the ability to target specific groups of high wattage electrical devices operating inside a single or group of commercial and industrial complexes and target them when electrical generation is forecast to go below expected demand and have the WBAMnet drill down superfast to specific groups of high wattage electrical devices for load shedding at a predicted time and specific duration.

Automated Real-Time Pricing

Working in with the Utility, the consumer linked to the WBAMnet supported by blockchain technology can take advantage of automated real-time pricing (the cost of electricity) by selectively dimming the lighting and increasing the temperature setting of the HVAC or deferring the use of certain high wattage electrical devices like hot-water systems during the electricity industry's peak periods. In reverse the consumer can take automatically advantage of cheap electricity when available for the charging of EV's or any other energy intensive operation.

*Please note that we don't sell commercially finished hardware, our pre-commercial technologies (Hard & Software) are only available to investors/manufacturers that take over a projects ownership.