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Modulite Solutions is a pure R&D Company involved in the design of smart energy saving embedded micro controllers and smart software for large scale energy saving projects. We use the ZigBee standard capable of supporting more than 64,000 devices on a single self healing mesh network. This can be a High-Rise Building, Shopping Complex, Hospital or an Industrial Site. The Modulite WBAMnet allows you to manage single or remote multiple sites through the use of the grid computing technology.

Grid Computing

Grid Computing in general is a special type of parallel computing that relies on complete computers (with onboard CPUs, storage, power supplies, network interfaces, etc.) connected to a network (private, public or the internet) by a conventional network interface producing commodity hardware. This arrangement is well-suited for the high-end scalability of geographically dispersed grid applications in which multiple parallel computations can take place independently without the need to communicate intermediate results between processors. In our case, this technology has been applied to computationally intensive back office data processing in support of web services.

The overall grid computing market comprises several specific markets. These are the grid middleware market, the market for grid-enabled applications, the utility computing market, and the software-as-a-service (SaaS) market.

Worlds First

Modulite Solutions after 4 years of self funded hard work has completed the PROOF OF CONCEPT of the worlds first large scale Wireless Building Information and Asset Management System (WBAMnet). Furthermore, Modulite has taken it further and has completed prototype smart energy saving IoT devices for the wireless control, data capture and data analytics of lighting, pumps and HVAC systems. This system is the simplest and most advanced way of managing large numbers of commercial buildings, shopping complexes and industrial complexes. This powerful system has the ability to create a fundamental paradigm shift in the energy saving market.

Demand Load Control for the Smart Grid

The ground to address challenges in demand load control for the smart power grid is now more fertile than ever, due to advances in communication infrastructures and the creation of a two-way channel for real-time communication between consumers and the utility operator. One of the great strengths of the WBAMnet System is that it gives Grid Operators demand control with the ability to target specific groups of high wattage electrical devices operating inside a single or group of commercial and industrial complexes and target them when electrical generation is forecast to go below expected demand and have the WBAMnet drill down to specific groups of high wattage electrical devices for load shedding at a predicted time and specific duration. Furthermore working in with the Utility, the WBAMnet can take advantage of automated real-time pricing (the cost of electricity) by selectively dimming the lighting and increasing the tempurature setting of the HVAC or deferring the use of certain high wattage electrical devices like hot-water systems during the electricity industry's peak periods.

Modulite Solutions has R&D design centres in Perth, Western Australia and Brisbane, Queensland.